Malaria cases on the rise in Bushbuckridge

The province’s Department of Health has declared a malaria outbreak. Sporadic cases emerging have affected the sub-district of Bushbuckridge.

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“To date, we have had eight malaria cases reported from Marite, which is an increase from last year around this time. The province is in the midst of a malaria transmission season. The season has manifested with high mosquito population due to favourable conditions of rainfall and humidity. This has resulted from flooding in the previous months of March and April and the Easter holidays. We encourage our communities to be on high alert for any flu-like symptoms as we are in winter. Malaria transmission in Mpumalanga occurs in the Nkomazi, Bushbuckridge and some areas of the City of Mbombela sub-districts. Let us all be alert,” read the statement.

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Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by a bite from an infected female anopheles’ mosquito. It is preventable, treatable and curable. Communities in endemic malaria area and travelers should look out for flu-like symptoms. If one is experiencing such signs and symptoms urgently visit the nearest health facility. The department says everyone is at risk of contracting malaria endemic areas and no life should be lost to malaria, as it is treatable and curable when diagnosed in time.

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