Zoey Mkabela has the right prescription for your hair

Mkabela from Matsulu shared her story of hope and her journey in the hair business with Mpumalanga Mirror

Seeing your interaction on social, it’s easy for one to tell that you’re passionate about hair. What inspired your brand?

Volumicious is a hair product that provides a permanent solution to different hair problems experienced by men, women and children. The product was founded in 2016 by the owner by me after I lost my hair during pregnancy. I was inspired by my BSC Honours project which I did at the University of Stellenbosch which involved investigating a plant, that was eaten by pregnant sheep, resulting in the newborn lambs being born without fur. I found that there was an active compound that was responsible for this problem. I then won an award for the best poster presentation for my research project. During my maternity leave, I began to research and investigate active compounds that are responsible, not for hair loss but hair growth. I found a significant amount of them and through a process of trial and error, I restored to use a different number of them and test them out to see their efficacy. Through a friend, I contacted a local cosmetic manufacturing company who mixed those active compounds and gave me the samples. I tested it on my own hair for a period of one year and my hair grew from next length to almost midback length. 

How has solving both men and women’s hair problems been? 

It’s a rewarding and fulfilling experience when you see people regain their confidence. Over and above that is the relationships one builds post sale providing value beyond the product through hair care education and walking the journey with them and being accessible to them when needed. 

Volumcious hair products.

What would you say is the most common problem that people encounter with their hair? 

People face different kinds of hair problems. The most common we encounter on a daily basis is receded hairlines, balding, bald patches, thinning hair and breakage

Regarding the Clicks hair advert that caused a social media frenzy, what would your view be on the matter? 

It was an advert gone wrong. It displayed the African hair in a bad light which is not the case. It, however, did make women appreciate their hair more and it was great to see many black women come forward to show off their hair, really emphasizing the fact that African hair is beautiful. I also believe that it made women realize that they need to nurture their hair more and embrace it.

What sets your products apart? 

What sets our products apart is the results. We show what the products can do and that is important. They can use our products to grow, maintain, and restore their hair. A product that is multifunctional and provides a permanent solution to the different hair problems experienced not only by women but men and children too. We cater for all the different textures, afros, relaxed, dreadlocks. Our products fix the problem from the root.  Over and above that we educate our customers on how to look after and we walk with them through their journey and we celebrate their progress through the before and after pictures we share on social media platforms. 

What’s your mandate and what can be expected from you in future?

Our mandate is to spread our message of hope across the continent of Africa and globally to the men and women who have given up on their hair, to continue to drive hair education and providing an exceptional service to our clients.

We listen to our customers’ needs and as a result we will continue launching new products and have a complete range of products to meet and satisfy our customers’ needs.

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