ANC Chairperson leads Friday Campaign Trail in Mkhuhlu

No sooner had ANC provincial chairperson, Mandla Ndlovu, landed at Ward 23 in Mkhuhlu situated in the Bushbuckridge Sub-Region.

Revolutionary songs reverberated along the streets and alleys of this vast village and had multitudes of ANC supporters joining the much avowed door-to-door campaign.

The essence of the door-to-door campaign Mandla Ndlovu’s approach to speak face to face with people on the ground, urging them to vote for the ANC, come 29 May 2024 on election day later this month.

He passionately engaged with various families as he stepped into their homes, boosted their egos and confidence by also emblazoning them with ANC regalia, while the ANC campaign vehicle played out revolutionary songs which they danced and sang along to.

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Ndlovu braved the immense heat from mid morning until afternoon, after which it was announced that 133 homesteads had been visited and left them in a positive political spirit.


ANC Chairperson leads Friday Campaign Trail in Mkhuhlu

ANC Chairperson leads Friday Campaign Trail in Mkhuhlu

ANC Chairperson leads Friday Campaign Trail in Mkhuhlu

ANC Chairperson leads Friday Campaign Trail in Mkhuhlu

“I am definitely sure that in Ward 23, we will attain 85 percent and more votes. One thing I continue to assure our supporters, is that all promises we’ve made and continue making, will be fulfilled, hence we should rightly celebrate our 30?years of democracy by voting the ANC once again, to continue ruling the country to prosperity and further bettering the lives of our communities through the creation of jobs and delivering services to them,” vowed Ndlovu.

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