Independent Media rejoins the Press Council

Independent Media has rejoined the Press Council of South Africa (PCSA) with effect from 1 January 2024, Press Council Executive Director Latifa Mobara has announced.

“We are delighted to have Independent and all of their titles and media platforms back, after an absence of some seven years,” Mobara said. “They rejoin at a critical time with an election looming and are an important addition to our 400-plus members.
“We want all media who undertake to support and abide by the Press Code to be PCSA members. The Press Code sets and enforces the ‘rules of the game’ for factual, accountable, independent and responsible journalism. Independent’s return is good for us, for them and for the promotion of FAIR journalism. Their publications will now also carry the Press Council’s FAIR logo, indicating that they will strive to adhere to the Press Code of Ethics and Conduct for print and online media.”

PCSA Chair Judge Fritz Brand welcomed Independent Media back. “South Africa’s fragile
democracy is sustained in large measure by a free, fair and robust media and by the independent judiciary. The media and the judiciary are keeping us safe, exposing and helping to fix the ills which unfortunately plague us. Independent’s return is to be welcomed.”

Independent Media, via its editor-in-chief, Adri Senekal de Wet, said: “We are equally
pleased to be re-joining our esteemed colleagues at the Press Council. We have always believed in a free press which is especially important given our country’s upcoming elections, where media will play a vital role in informing our citizens of all sides of the story and without bias.

“Independent Media fully supports fair and responsible journalism. It thanks the Press Council Board for the warm welcome we have received.” Mohammed Hoosain, acting CEO of Independent Media, said: “A united media, intent on promoting free speech through responsible journalism, is the lifeblood of a true democracy. Independent Media looks forward to re-joining our colleagues and working towards a truly independent media.”

Mobara added that Independent’s return meant that should complaints against
Independent’s reportage arise, which cannot be resolved with the title, or the platform concerned, the complaint can be lodged with the Press Council via its Complaints Procedure will be mediated or adjudicated by the PCSA.

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